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Dr Mousa Love Spells


Are You Feeling Let Down By  Your Lover Are You Disappointed In What He/She Is Doing .You Feel Broken hearted Lonely Emotionally Disconnected . Frustrated Because Of A Break Up/ Extramarital Affair .No Longer Feel Loved Sad/Hurt Confused Unwanted Or Overwhelmed With Emotion . Trying To Figure Out If He Or She Ever Loved You . And Left With The Unsolved Mystery Did They Ever Care?

Lost Love Spells

Even If Your Lover Appears To Have Thrown In The Towel. I Have over 16 Years experience. I Can Help Guide You To Happiness And Peace Of  Mind  I Can Help Individuals And Couples Surpass Life’s Relationship Challenges , This Spell Is Intended To Channel Communication And Restore Relationships , Sparked A Romance Rekindle The Flame


Marriage Spells

You have managed to find your true love and want that special someone to invite you into a blissful marriage. You want to use the Marriage Love Spells to enlist the help of the universe and positive energies to bring him to his knees in proposition of marriage. Or perhaps you are feeling the pressures of family and society and have determined that your current partner is worthy of a lifelong bond. This is the spell for you. Allow yourself the luxury of imagining wedding bliss: a gorgeous day with the perfect dress, elegant flowers, and all your friends and family celebrating the first day of a marriage to the person of your dreams. Now all you need is the proposal. You no longer have to wait or drop hints about spending your lives together. The Marriage Spell is designed to facilitate this process and create those magical moments without the worry and hassle of waiting.


Divorce Spells

It might be your fault or not be the reason why you are not going t separate. The sad truth is that you want to fight for your marriage but it seems more impossible whenever you try to do. I am going to give you a remedy that is going to bring back happiness to you. You have tried but as a human you have limitations. It high time you try a power that has no limitations on it. Contact me right now before it is too late. Before your marriage has finally ended. I am going to make your over realize i was a mistake in the first place to try to file a divorce case. You can make him love you again and even more. My ancestors have never failed in their life and so they ave bestowed their powers in me. I have been doing spell casting since chidhood and so it is your chance to be helped by me.


Gay/Lesbian Love Spells

If you are a gay man or lesbian woman who is in need of attracting a new lover, or perhaps your desire is to reunite with an old flame, I can help you manifest your desires and realize your goal of bringing that special someone into your life. If you are single and looking to attract a brand new lover, click the link above to order a “Gay Love Spell” to get started. If you are a gay man or lesbian woman looking to reunite with your lover, you will need to order my . Either way I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions call the number listed on the website or use the contact form on the right side of the site


Passion Love Spells

The one who receives the passion spell will possess an insatiable desire to be intimate with you. The recipient of this spell will become preoccupied with thoughts of being with you, intimately. This is an erotic spell.

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Soften The Heart Spells

Do you want someone to have a softer heart towards you?  This spell could lighten someone’s feelings towards you and they won’t be so harsh.  They will have a soft spot in their heart for you and their behaviour will be more positive


Stop Cheating Spells

Stops your lover from running around and cheating, and makes them want to be with you permanently. This spell is also so suitable for keeping your lover away from friends that have negative influence to your relationship.

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